Shri Suresh Goel


In the last three decades, The Goel Group has evolved into a robust, dynamic and modern business enterprise. Today, we pride ourselves at being one of the major stakeholders in the development of Central India, through sectors of steel, alloys, power, education, media and agriculture.

The year 2020 marks our tryst with a new destiny. GOELD is the new addition to our Group's illustrious past & present. A brand nurtured by hand, created with love and ready to bring happiness and joy to every household. A multi-talented, young and vibrant professional team is taking the Goel narrative into the formidable FMCG segment through the launch of GOELD Frozen Foods. The pack of GOELD you pick up from any retail outlet carries a promise. A promise of purity and expertise. Your enjoyment is the profit I look for through GOELD. I believe that the way to a personʼs heart is through their stomach. And my team and I will strive to keep your stomachs ecstatic!

That’s my GOELD promise.
Suresh Goel

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