Quality is never an accident.It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution. It represents the wise choice of many alternatives.

– William Foster

Quality, innovation, technology, research & development are the pillars that drive our business. In the foods business, a key synonym for quality is taste. 

We leave no stones unturned to achieve the standards of quality, especially by adopting latest technologies and attracting the best human capital in the global foods industry. 

Our manufacturing highlights are testimony to the extent we push ourselves to attain our goal of being the gold standard in the Frozen Foods industry.

  • Installed capacity of 6000 tons per annum
  • FSSC 22000-centric QA programme
  • Rigorous food safety & sanitation initiatives
  • Modernised quality control department & QA verification system
  • Expert teams of R&D & food processing professionals
  • Highly advanced processing techniques & equipment
  • Automated machines from world leaders in UK, Germany, Sweden & Japan
  • World-class Blast & IQF/Spiral freezers
    Cold storage with 500-ton capacity below -18 degree Celsius


The Goeld Essential Oils & Oleoresins are a result of ultra-modern, superior extraction technology called the ‘Super-Critical-Fluid-Extraction-Technology’ (SCFE) which helps in drawing out ultimate grade plant extracts, oils and oleoresins with highest flavor & intensity, locking in the maximum phytonutrient content.

The resultant extracts are 100% natural, organic, pure and authentic without any residues, leading to ‘100% Safety assurance’ for consumption and other applications. 

This ‘LIQUID GOLD’ opens up exponential possibilities for value addition across key industries like Food, Beverage, Pharma, Cosmetics, Perfumery and other related industries. 

The Goeld Essential Oils and Oleoresins are 100% true to the essence of the plants and spices it is extracted from. It fully retains its holistic character, flavor, color and taste attributes.

Our Oleoresins, through its superior processing technology, fully retains the original spices’ flavor profile, while providing a faster release of the flavors. 

We also provide custom-made blends to suit the specific requirements of our customers

Setting new
in quality
& licenses

Our Oils plant operates at maximum efficiency as it houses machinery that does multiple tasks. From Slicing, Drying, Grinding, Extracting and Filtering right up to Final Packaging. This substantially reduces manpower dependencies while maximizing efficiencies and quality. The Essential Oils division has both Commercial as well as Pilot Plant Machinery which is used for standardization of procedures and parameters.