Deep Fry or Shallow Fry?

What does shallow fry or deep fry mean?

Deep Frying or Shallow Frying

Fry, fry, let us fry!

We consume 10 – 15% of fried food on a daily basis. Be it a samosa, an oozy cheesy corn bite or parathas!

Did you know!? The process of deep-frying foods is said to have come about in the 5th millennium BC. The Egyptians that invented deep-frying during this time had no idea how it would change the culinary industry.

Now, if we are focusing on types of frying techniques, then tell me something about what is frying? Frying is a technique of cooking food in hot oil. That’s right!

Have you ever wondered how many types of frying are there that we do on a frequent basis? Let’s figure it out today!

Deep Frying: Does your mom or you yourself ever cook GOELD Punjabi Samosas, GOELD Oozy Cheesy Corn Bites or GOELD Mac & Cheese Pops? What did you notice in these? These are required to be submerged into the hot oil or you can say these are fried by allowing these foods to bath into a hot oil swimming pool.  Yes, means a proper hot oil dip = deep frying. For deep frying, the temperature of the oil should be 160-170°C and the vessel should be also a deep one. We have to keep flipping it on and on for frying it from all sides.

But, isn’t it similar to Shallow frying? No, no, not at all!

Shallow Frying is something that is also done on a frequent basis by us in our kitchen. How? Let me explain! Well, shallow frying is half dipping the food into hot oil preheated at 200-220°C. Yes, half dip = shallow frying. The food is required to be flipped once cooked from one side and then cook it from another end. Tried cooking the GOELD Dilli Wali Dal Aloo Tikki?  

Shallow frying is different from pan frying? Yes, guys!

Pan Frying:  The most common method of cooking a food with the use of minimal cooking oil or fats which are used just as a lubricant for the pan so that the food does not stick to it. The taste of an amazing GOELD Premium Malabar Paratha pan fried in a little butter or the taste of a healthy and delicious GOELD Quinoa Patty doused with a slight trickle of cooking oil well these are all made possible with the Pan Frying Method.

So why not pick up some delicious GOELD Frozen Food Products from the comfort of your home and get to Frying..!!

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