• Are Frozen Foods bringing new advantages to the society?

    Hi there!
    Remember, when our granny or mom used to keep the leftover dishes or rice in the refrigerator
    and would then create some more innovative dishes from the same? Weren’t the taste of those
    re-created dishes good enough for enhancements of our taste buds?
    It was! Right?

    Frozen foods are one of our oldest yet trending ways for keeping foods fresh and secure.

    You must have also been to a fruits and vegetable market from where you can buy any
    seasonal and non-seasonal fruits and vegetables? Have you wondered, from where these have
    been coming to you even during the non-seasonal times? Well, all the types of seasonal and
    non-seasonal fruits and vegetables are preserved in cold storage to keep these fresh.

    In a similar manner, Frozen food products are ready to eat food products that are already
    pre-cooked, and we are only required to microwave these products and then these are
    good-to-go directly into your meal platter. What kind of frozen food products am I talking about?
    Well, these include frozen paratha (frozen bread), frozen snacks, frozen gravies and in fact,
    frozen dessert. All these frozen food items are actually available online and are now even gaining
    considerable space in the retail segments as well. These are some of the affordable ways to get
    ready-to-eat foods or fruits and vegetables.

    Now, can you tell me what does frozen food mean? Frozen foods are foods that are meant to be
    frozen with rapid freezing technology and kept frozen until and unless used or consumed. In the
    aisle of frozen foods with an endless number of choices, there are abandoned opportunities
    where we can find something which we like or want to consume.


    Let’s find it out! Did you know that:

    Frozen items do preserve Vitamins or Nutrients: Confused? Let us see it in this way! When
    we buy fresh fruits or vegetables or freshly cooked dishes, it will definitely, in some time or so,
    reduce its freshness which will, on the contrary, reduce the nutrients of the item. On the other
    hand, if we buy any frozen food item and store it in a freezer, the nutrients or vitamins present in
    these frozen foods will still be preserved and we will be having a good nutritious diet on a daily

    Frozen foods are Time and Money Savers.

    Frozen foods are affordable in terms of money and time. Yes, these are time saviours and
    budget-friendly. What if you have some unplanned guests at your home, and there is nothing
    ready for the platters? Or what if you are in a rush to your office and you are in need to have
    something to cook or to eat? For these points of time, frozen foods, especially if they are
    ready-to-cook, are a saviour for you.

    Now, wondering, how is it budget-friendly? It is the most affordable, easiest and convenient way
    of getting the food, either raw or cooked. It is budget-friendly because the frozen food market is
    currently a booming segment in the country and of course, economies of scale. You can buy it
    anytime and from almost anywhere as a lot of retailers are now introducing a frozen section in
    their stores. Also, they add to the monetary savings as they have a restaurant-like taste but the
    cost of the same is just half of the food we buy at restaurants.

    Isn’t it lovely to add them to your kitchen essentials?

    How should we preserve these frozen foods?

    As said above, frozen foods mean the foods that are kept in the freezer and are very reactive to
    temperature changes. So, this means once you are looking to cook something with these frozen
    foods or if you look forward to eating the ready-to-cook frozen food, then only you are supposed
    to bring them out of the freezer. Don’t keep these out of the freezer unnecessarily as these will
    get thawed which in turn will damage the texture, shape and quality of the product.

    If using the packed frozen foods: It is required to follow the instructions written on the packed
    frozen foods and to maintain their required temperature.

    From where, can we get these interesting frozen foods?

    Things are going digital now! So, you can easily buy all kinds of stuff online. What do I mean? I
    mean to say that, not only gadgets but now, all kinds of fruits, vegetables and frozen foods
    products are easily available online. You can now buy frozen food online through the online

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